stuff to show.

A client-side only implementation of the Eisenhower Matrix.

Quickly jot and organize notes with Scratch Pad. Filter and group related content by tag.

Color Space is a basic random color generator that outputs hex and rgb values for the random color. The hex is loaded from a url hash.

Image Kit is a collection of proof-of-concept image editor controls using <input type="slider"> and CSS filter property.

Adventures with Owen My son is twelve now if that tells you anything about the age of this design. It is a POC blog template with polaroid effect and hand-written note aesthetic.

Relax. In with the good / out with the bad with Pulsar. A random cycle of color accentuates the glowing orb.

Kanban - Title says it all. The view is the data.

Disappear is text that eats itself at a variable rate depending on a random integer chosen at page load. In the spirit of "Agrippa (Book of the Dead)".

TODO is your classic todo app, but this one was co-authored by ChatGPT. Todo list items are stored in IndexedDB.".